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About Steffie's Salon Premises
Entrance is on Washington Street, a 2-story white Old Portland with red trim. On-street parking, or 10-minute nose-in parking when available. Bring Pup in on leash, or arrange for drop off.
The entire outside doggy area is fenced in 2" metal grid now. The fence is 3' High, providing a secure romp area. Please keep the gate latched when you come and go. The Salon entrance is to your left as you come in throught the gate, look for the red door. Ring bell, but if no answer knock loud, call or text.
There are 7 stairs (well lit, with handrails) to get down to the Salon, therefore no Large non-mobile dogs.
   Natural Climate Control from being in a basement makes the air comfortably cool in the Summer.
Forced Air Heating in Winter. Shop De-Humidifier when needed. Air Filter. Fans.  Regular fire inspections and all extinguishers and alarms kept up to date.
Safe cleaning products used. Enzymatic odor control. Pheromones and Flower Essences for calming.
For large dogs, the hydraulic table goes down to 10" from the floor. All dogs Safety Harnessed on table.
There are 5 stairs up to the raised bathtub most dogs don't mind.
No Cages=No over-heating from cage dryers. And no dogs barking to be let out to move around, either.
Last but not least, a radio to make the time go by cheerfully, kept on quiet or cheerful volumes.

8th Year And Over 5000 Hours Of Hands-On
Grooming Experience As A Professional Groomer

About Steffie
No Nooses At Steffies House Safety Harnessed Instead Hydraulic Lift Table For Big Dogs Steffie Petting Lilly M.
With Kindness,
And Thought~
 Steffie Follows Industry Standard
Safety Procedures, And Goes Way
Beyond That To Not Using Noose
Restraints- With Exception To Very Brief Moments When Doing Very
Fidgety Dogs' Faces, After Which The Noose Is Removed. The Body Harness
And Rear Harness Stay On All The
Time The Pets Are On The Table.
All Pets Are Safety - Harnessed While On Table & Tub.
  Your Pet is treated with great care and respect, kindness, and concideration for their comfort during the grooming
process. With skill and precision as to not cause harm, Steffie continually strives to improve her styling.
  Believing that this whole experience is not really one the
pet would choose, Steffie trys to complete the entire
grooming in under 1.25 hours, that is about the average dog's span of attention and patience. Many times she can do this in less time than that, and allow more time for the pet to dry naturally in the Summer, so as to not overdry the coat and skin, and more time to play, socialize, and relax.  Sometimes they get to explore the whole house!
In Steffie's words:   
    " I spent the last three years of High School here in Portland, at Washington High, then worked, then did only 9 months of community college before I went back to work again. I guess most of my education is from the 'school of life I worked my parents' pottery biz too.'
   I was raised with an Airdale- my oldest brother's dog, and a Siamese; my other brothers cat I was born to a family that kept and loved pets. My mother had a Chow Chow, my dad had dogs, cats, chickens, horses, even though he was raised in a city. My own first pet was a grey kitten. around age 5. We moved alot, but always there was a cuddly warm friend that kept me company, that I had to care for.I have been grooming my famiily's and friend's pets as long as I can remember.
       I dreamed of being a professional dog groomer but was so busy with family business of pottery I dared not take the time.  In 2008, when
the economy changed, I decided to 'diversify' and teach myself a second career, to cover all my bases. I found out that while going to a
grooming school was one way to learn it, it was not the only way. I studied at night, on the internet I am Self-Taught. I worked hands on as a
newby groomer with 2 professional groomers, locally, and when I was ready and confident, I then started handing out my card, working out of my kitchen.Since this is a Commercial/Residential Zoned property, I knew this was a great location, and stayed, when I inherited the house.
     I fixed the basement up into a darling little Salon a year later. The elevated tub/shower-surround fits a Great Dane comfortably.
Two years ago I invested in a hydraulic lift tub,,spendy, but well worth it.
    In 2017 I had the house Earthquake Retrofitted', and you can see that in the Salon. It gives great Peace Of Mind!"
"Grooming provides me an opportunity to bond with so many beautiful creatures. They really do communicate
their own personalities, and it is fun and interesting for me to draw them out, and make friends, I get to know their preferences, and share quality time with them. I enjoy tending to their needs, and feel they are grateful to me for helping them through the stressfull experience by showing them my own competence and confidence in the necessary procedures to make them clean and healthy again. I know they feel so happy to be properly cared for, and clean again- free of pests, mats,  etc.
         I love how they smile at me to say "Thanks!'

Steffie At The Doggy Dash

Steffie And Poodle And Lhasa Apso Pets At Portland Doggy Dash Photo Taking After The Big Walk Around City Of Portland Bridges Happy Summer Day
Life-long pet owner, Steffie began grooming as a child, for friends and family, and is now professionally grooming out of her home by beautiful Laurelhurst Park in Close-In SouthEast Portland, Oregon.
She enjoys the location of  her home and home-based business for the relaxed lifestyle, close proximity to all amenities, and loves to walk her 3 dogs in the neighborhood, and at the many local off-leash parks.
     Steffie also works on
Schulz Porcelain, a 40 year old family pottery business, and enjoys other crafts,
and offers low-cost custom dog sweaters and other
merchandise out of her cute little basement Salon.
You will love her little small-dog pack; they greet
everyone at the door,  and stay in their own little beds in the romper room as they watch Steffie groom.
They are there to let all clients know...
This is a Doggies World! Sniff Sniff, Hurray!!