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*Cage Free*

Services / Prices
Steffie's House Dog Grooming is a special Small Dog Salon, taking clients by appointment only.
Hours are flexible, and Day Care and Overnight Boarding Available and Affordable.

*Full Service "The Works!" Includes: Brushout, Clip, Sanitary, Dremel Nails, Foot Care,  Ear Care, Teeth Brushed, Bath, Conditioner,  Dry, De-Tangle, Final Brushout and Finishing Clip, and Final Conditioning Coconut Foot Rub and Lavendar Spritz,made from Do-Terra Essentials.(optional)
Steffie may also scrub dirty collars and tags clean, or provide a free collar, just as part of her excellent Customer Service.  Finally, a pretty Seasonal Bow or Bandana, no x-tra charge.  And, always time for a friendly chat!


These Prices are Good Until December 31 2020~

  "The Works! "- Takes Just 1-2 Hours: No Cages, No Nooses, No Assembly-Line.

For Dogs Up To 10  Lbs In Weight:
Short Smooth Coated: $30
Long Coated Needing Clip/Trim/Furminate: $45

  Over 10 Lbs To 30 Lbs in Weight:
Short Smooth Coated: $40
Long Coated And Those Needing Clip/Trim/Furminate: $60.

For Dogs Over 30 Lbs To 55 Lbs In Weight:
Smooth Coated: $47.
Long Coated/needing clip/trim/furminating $72.
For Dogs Over 55# Please Add $1. Per Pound (To Cover Extra Shampoo,Towels,Supplies)
Note: Every Dog: X-tra Time Over 1.5 Hours Is Billed At $40. Per Hour, at 15 Minute Increments: IE: 15 Min =$10 
How To Save Money? Bring your dog in bathed and dry from the night before & I will deduct 20% for "The Works!" (Good for Minus The Bath or The Clip.)
 Nails Only: $7-$12. (Includes pad hair trim and dremmel)
In-Betweeners: $15-$25...Pick 3 of the following:
Nails (& Pad & Foot Hair Trim & dremmel)  Teeth, Eye Area, Glands, Ears, Sani-Shave.
*Hypo Shampoos, Medicated Shampoos, And Conditioners No Xtra Charge*
Flea Shampooing $5-$10 Extra ( I Use 'Natural Chemistry')
1xZymox Yeasty Ear Treatment $2 up to 25#, $5 over


*Your Doggie must be neutered, up to date on shots, no communicable diseases, healthy.
*Puppies 4 Months And Older, only after all puppy shots are complete.
*Elderly Dogs Welcome, but note that there are stairs you may have to carry them up/down if they are unable to climb them. I have a Hydraulic Lift Table. I have extra-support belly harnesses for grooming older dogs. I cannot lift over 60#.

Doggy Day Care &

Overnight Boarding

* Your Doggie must be up to date on shots and on regular flea meds; no fleas or ear mites, or other communicable pests/diseases. Must be healthy, not sick.
* Doggy Day Care Starts at *7 AM and goes to 9 PM for last pickup.(9:30 absolute Max)
* By appointment only, 24 hours prior notice much appreciated, same day's ok.

Please go to the following site to get Steffies Day care and Overnight Boarding. You will be able to prepay using your credit card, and book as far in advance as you like. You will be able to enjoy features such as appointment and payment tracking, high Insurance coverage, and see my Background-check Badge. Any problems are quickly managed by the Rover Team. Also you can gain and give Reviews. 

Bring Your Dog's Food, (Treats, Favorite Toys Are Optional)
* No 'crazies', runners, Houdini's, or cat chasers. (my cat is pretty tolerant tho)
* Pre-screening Meet And Greet advised and welcomed.
*Combine With Convenient  "The Works!" Grooming at a discount!
Use this Promocode to save $20, when you pay: 20STEFFIEBUCKS20, valid with payment to anyone you book with on
Steffies Rover Link
 Any Daycare not picked up by 9:30, Firm, rolls into Overnight.

Guaranteed All Day Daily Fun-Time Indoor and Outdoor Play
Daily Photo Texts of Stay, as possible.
Bring: Clean, Flea-Free Doggy*, Flea-Free Bedding, , Toys, Food. Bowls, If You Wish.
Also: Body Harness For Choke-Free Walking, Meds If Needed. Emergency Ph#'s.
Also: on your own Profile Page in, Please Provide Veteranarians Addy And Ph#.
(*If you bring your doggie in filthy and full of fleas, you will be asked to purchase Steffies Grooming, in addition to your stay.
 * I promise to take excellent care of your pet, give excellent service, and give the best haircut and grooming for your pet that I can do, that you are willing to compensate me for, given the temperment of the pet and coat condition and grooming issues that I am presented with.
 * I promise to do my best to have your dog ready for pickup in a timely fashion, in a happy and healthy state, in the style you ask for.
If there are any issues you are unhappy with please let me know, and I will immediately fix what I can; for instance, if an issue with not trimming off enough hair, I will re-do right then and there. Or, if our communications were mixed up, and I end up trimming off too much hair, I will give you a coupon for you to save money on your future repeat business, and I thank you in advance for your continued patronage. 
Customers with dogs with previously existing health issues, such as breathing, heart, muscular/skeletal problems, etc and Dew Claws Must Sign a Release And Hold Harmless Form on drop-off.
Caviat: If you drop your dog off in a badly matted condition, many times I cannot tell until I get to working with the dog's coat up on the table, what exactly I will be encountering or able to do.
If you think the matting is not bad, and you have been brushing just the top, be aware you may be wrong; I frequently encounter such pets with badly matted undercoat, and body-cast matting. This is why
I do not guarantee I will not shave off the matt, or the entire dog,,I may have to in order enable the dog to move properly, for it's optimal comfort in motion, for to do otherwise would be to contribute to animal cruelty through neglect.  I do however promise to do what I can to keep the coat, and solve any issues with the coat *as much as possible*, and perform your desired hair cut, keeping your desired length of coat, in as much as is possible while still making your pet comfortable. If, in fact, a Rescue Shave is what has to be done, I will try to notify you by phone, if not before, but regardless, I will do it anyway, for the good of the pet, and I may end up charging extra, because this is a tedious, difficult, and detail-demanding job, it is hard on the groomer, as well as the pet.  Be ready for a discussion on the necessity for more frequent grooming sessions as well. You can't just bring a dog in 2x a year, and expect your groomer to solve all the problems therein caused by that neglect. You may also be told to provide a sweater for your pet, for a few weeks, until the coat grows out to normal length.
This includes all ages and stages of your dog. However, if you have an elderly and barely mobile dog with matting, as the elderly's skin is so delicate, I may recommend you take  your pet to be shaved by your veteranarian.
  1. Enjoy a sit and chat with Steffie while pups play in secure fenced area
  2. Pups love to sit on Steffies front stairs in the Sun,
  3. No Cages at Steffies, instead a comfy happy Play Pen
  4. All Boarder get a lovely long walk and off-leash playtime (or leashed, if necessary)